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As an Ecology Architect I have fused together the worlds and disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design with Systems Ecology from a strong vein in Permaculture. Permaculture is a Design Philosophy based from an ethic charged by principles. Such has set the ground for the evolution of this challenge. As an architect it is a design exercise, ongoing. It will evolve like any living ecological system.

I have also for a long while, since secondary school as a 15 year old, been intrigued by the place of politics in society. The reality is there will always be people who volunteer their energy and enthusiasm for administration services to our community. Politics is just a simple extension of that. Consequently I have had many a foray into many layers of politics. I was one of the founding members of the Green Party in New Zealand, c1988, and spent time with The Green Party of Germany picking up many of their resource dynamics, c1977, also much cherished time with Teddy Goldsmith a founder of the Green Party and The Ecologist movement and Bill Mollison co-founder of the Permaculture movement.

The culmination of many elements like these has bought about the desire to evolve a new form of politics. The Ecologist Party is that. It is an all encompassing dynamic requiring a shift in many conditioned patterns and much of what we have learnt. It does require degrees of unlearning, but it has a very firm base in something all living form is connected to as we, as just another species sharing this planet, are all connected to the same.

Along the way I have met many talented learned valuable people who have added to this dimension in an array of ways. That list is extensive and continues to grow. Does the tail wag the dog? This tale I'm sure will.

This website was launched in October 2021 and will continually evolve but always stay true to the base philosophy that we are all grounded ecologically and deserve to enliven this connection and all its linkages, for after all, that is what ecology is, the biology of connections and linkages.

Through the website we use the iconic New Zealand native bird the Tui. It has a song that all New Zealanders know well, which conjures up our connections with our great outdoors. Ironically the Tui borrows many of its songs from other birds and noises in its environment. The Tui has become our icon.


should such a Political Energy as




Exist and Expect to Offer a Credible Energy?

Because the time is right. November 2021. In fact it is well overdue. Teddy Goldsmith wanted to launch it c1980 but formed the Green Party. Now 40+ years on we have the need for such, to all, for the leadership and guidance globally, in their need to be self assured, that a solid and honest philosophically centered ethical entity based in principles will lead the way. It will assist in building a future we all need. Not only for man but for all species sharing this planet, living in harmony with nature.

Bill Mollison also wanted to launch the Permaculture Party C 1990 but that was beyond most peoples comprehension. His energy was needed more in building the global network of good designers of all Permaculture systems on the ground. Such is now a commonly recognised term thanks to Bill's entrepreneurial extroverted spirit.

Doesn't The Green Party satisfy all such political aspirations and needs? Sadly no. As a founding member of the New Zealand Green Party C 1988 I recognise it has now evolved to be a disgrace to the term, Either infiltrated or sold out. A major political void needs to be flled to offer a strong root to all that such a philosophy encompasses and as formidable preference to the tyranny overtaking the world today in 2021.

There is also need for a totally new view on politics, a new political theory to move beyond and outside of the regimes that have manipulated this world for the past two thousand years. The Ecologist Party explores new dimensions on every topic of life, communication and connection. Such is firmly rooted in our umbilical connection to nature. This is our true being. It is not based purely in economic growth or workers rights or the manipulation of all by a greedy minority who dictate all monetarist regimes of the world, designing diversion to suffocate our comprehension of what is evolving in the shadows.

A view on politics that nourishes the interest and rekindles peoples desire to be involved at all levels, from the neighbourhood, to the village, district, region, nation and globally as connected communities through cooperatives and commons equally.


Will the Party Grow?

This evolution began some time ago and is slowly coming to fruition now in October 2021. Will it grow? To What? Where? When? And how?

A good journey has a vision. In this case it also has a need driven by an energy that is deep seated perhaps in an astrological field suggesting the planets are lining up to make this possible in many ways.

The Ecologist Party offers a new dimension in politics. It offers a transition out of an old world of abuse to a new world of respect to cherish the values of the bounty of all life in all its myriad of forms. We are presently in transit to a new age dawning. The Ecologist Party recognises the many different activities occurring globally all aligned in the same spheres of influence. We are but one paving the journey together. So lets stimulate it and add fuel for the journey.

Our Blog which we offer is informal diary-style text entries to stimulate thought, ideas and debate to invite discussion, discourse and argument so we can all learn and grow from such banter. It will be spasmodic and depend on what energies exist to propell it at any given time.

Our Newsletter will be far more formal and be out every quarter...Spring 1st of September; Summer 1st of December; Autumn 1st of March; and Winter 1st of June. It will update us on as many topics as possible and call for guest articles and stories, debate and contoversy as well as lots of good positive news and views.

Lets Chat so we can develop the banter and continue to explore the roadmap of our journey. Not one of us will have all the answers but collectively we will explore the pathway we are on. We will question and lay down ideas for stimulation and thought we, will reflect and traverse any subject that could be considered to fit into our cauldron.

We will Meet in as many ways as possible online and face to face. They all have value and personality. Our meetings could be of any size culminating in our annual face to face general meetings which will be the forum for the official progression of any decisions for our journey. Our formal meetings will utilise the value of decision by consensus. Such has been well proven to be the most efficient way of decision making by knowing that all engaged agree with the directions to be taken without dissent or contrary aggression.

Our process and procedures will recognise the fluidity needed to engage all while also recognising the traction needed to progress positively, keeping in mind that the laws of nature bind us and guide us. Our constitution outlines these chosen tools.



The Ecologist Party

Centered and Based?

The Ecologist Party was founded in New Zealand October 2021. It has as its base in the manifesto a connection with the natural realm of New Zealand and its indigenous people the Maori. Maoridom has a solid basis of connection to all things in nature and the indigenous peoples of the world. Such a dynamic forms a rich catalyst to evolve an ecological point of view. We learn from all. I have spoken with many globally who see such a political energy to be a valuable contribution to their world and communities. So a global extension is obvious. The inherent social ecology will link all like minded entities, tradition and lore.

We invite any such energy to come on's going to be a great ride.
The bus is heading to the train station. Jump on board its going to be an exciting journey.

Founding Convenor:

Steve Hart
18 Neavesville Road
Puriri 3578
New Zealand

Web Designer/Manager:

Nathanael Newton
10 Opatito RD
Paeroa 3600
New Zealand